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AVE Vaperiza 1500 Smoke Machine

A powerful smoke machine to create atmosphere and enhance your lighting effects

$50 Per Night

The Vaperiza 1500 makes lights, lasers, and other visual effects more vibrant and dynamic, creating an incredible ambiance. By adding a smoke machine to your party, you can transform a regular dance floor into a visually captivating experience! Adding a sense of mystery and excitement to the party, the Vaperiza 1500 is a must have for your event.

With a powerful 1500Watt capacity, this smoke machine is ideal for DJs and bands, featuring an impressive 18,000cu/ft. output, which is enough for most halls and function rooms.


- Powerful 1500W smoke machine
- Wired remote with on/off/ready indications
- Water based smoke fluid is included
- Output volume is 18,000 cu.ft per minute

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