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Beamz WBP912IP Battery Parcan

Battery Powered and Waterproof, this is the best parcan light to light up your outdoor event.

$40 Per Night

The Beamz WBP912IP is a professional standard parcan equipped with 9x 12W LED lights. With RGBAW-UV colour mixing over 16.7 million different kinds of colour change are available. This professional lighting solution has an IP65 waterproof rating, making it perfect to light up outdoor stages, trees, buildings and more. With up to 20 hours of lighting time, the battery powered is a great solution for your event - there's no need to run cables everywhere!

The light also allows influence by sound to add a dynamic effect to your dance floor or programming with DMX for a more complex lighting show.


- RGBAW-UV colour mixing
- Built-in battery (up to 20 hours operating time, single colour)
- Control panel with OLED display
- Timer function
- Built-in wireless receiver/transmitter for wireless DMX (154.077)
- Rapid recharge time of 5 hours
- 16.7 million kinds of colour change
- Electronic dimming: 0-100%
- 6 or 12 DMX channels
- Master/Slave function
- Aluminum housing
- Double bracket also acts as floor stand
- Waterproof IP65 for outdoor use
- Waterproof connectors

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