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Gigbar Move Plus ILS LED Multi-Effect Light

The perfect multi-function light for convenience, versatility, and power.

$100 Per Night

The Gigbar Move has five lighting functions; moving heads, derbies, washes, lasers, and a strobe pre-mounted on a single bar. A complete light show is available from this single system with a tripod, wireless remote, and wireless footswitch for quick setup and easy operation. Multiple colours and functions are available on each light type to keep your event exciting. The lighting system also allows influence by sound to add a dynamic effect to your dance floor or programming with DMX for a more complex lighting show.


- Power Rating 250 W
- Dimensions 1100 x 144 x 449mm
- Stand Height: 1.5m to 2.5m
- Weight 14kg


- Chauvet DJ Gigbar Move Plus ILS LED Multi-Effect Light
- Chauvet Gigbar Move stand
- Power cables
- Carry bag

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