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Allen&Heath Xone:92
6-Channel DJ Mixer

The Xone:92 is a versatile 6-channel analogue DJ mixer, celebrated for its warm sound. It is a permanent fixture in the world’s best clubs.

$100 Per Night

Xone:92’s unrivalled analogue EQ delivers all the control you need to sculpt your sound and get creative with your transitions.

All 6 stereo channels feature a 4-band EQ with total kill on HF and LF bands with dual mid-frequency controls for excellent tonal control. Xone is also widely recognised as the best VCF filter system in the world of club music. With two filters featuring HPF, LPF and BPF modes and LFO frequency and resonance controls, the Xone:92 will consistently deliver amazing mixes.


- 6 dual stereo channels - 4 phono/line, 2 mono/mic or stereo return
- 2 independent stereo mix outputs
- 2 aux sends for output to external FX units
- VCF system - 2 independent stereo filters with frequency and resonance controls
- 2 independent LFO’s for filter manipulation
- 4-band EQ - total kill on HF and LF, wide Q for cut, narrow Q for boost
- Booth output - dedicated output on TRS jack
- MIDI values can be output from 6 controls (e.g. crossfader, LFO)
- P&G easy change professional VCA crossfader
- Intelligent cue for pre or post EQ monitoring

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