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Ecler WARM2 Rotary Mixer

An analogue mixer producing a warm, classic sound, with rotary mixing for smoother and subtler transitions.

$70 Per Night

WARM2 is a professional two-channel analogue rotary DJ mixer, designed and manufactured by ECLER in Barcelona.

WARM2 provides the best analog sound for your dancefloor in a portable format.


- 2+1 Mixing channels
- 1 MICRO input
- 2 PHONO inputs
- 3 LINE inputs
- Master Output (HOUSE) on XLR and RCA connectors
- Booth Output on RCA connectors
- 6.3mm Jack and 3.5mm mini-jack Headphone Monitor Outputs
- 3 band full cut EQ for main channels and 2 band full cut EQ for MICRO/LINE channel
- 3 bands isolator

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