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Electro-Voice EKX
15" Speakers

With a sleek design and high-quality sound, these speakers are perfect for events of up to 100 people.

$150 Per Night

The fifteen-inch Electro-Voice speakers are top-quality audiophile speakers with exceptional clarity and outstanding low-end presence to get your dance floor moving. These powerful speakers have a built-in 1500W programmable class-D power amp that can deliver an impressive 134 dB peak. The speakers come with four easy presets for Home, Live Music, Speech, or Club to suit the setting of your event.


- Power Rating 1500W
- Dimensions 685 x 432 x 429mm 
- Stand Height 1m to 2m
- Weight 24.4 kg


- 2x Electro-Voice EKX 15P Speakers
- 2x Prostand Speaker Stand
- All required audio and power cables
- Carry Bags

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